ChangeMedium is coming to Montreal on December 18th. Following up on his participation at #cmToronto, founder Evan Prodromou has invited us to join them at their first ever StatusCamp. is the open source micro-messaging platform that can be hosted independently as a private or public platform like For us at ChangeMedium public micro-messaing is at the heart of this inflection in the web and at the core of the medium for change. That perspective is what hope to bring to StatusCamp.

On December 18th the entire team will be together to host an unconference led by Jon Phillips. It’s an excellent opportunity to understand, explore, and apply this medium. In typical unconference fashion what we do is up to you. And in typical unconference fashion, what we’ll do is what we need to move forward.

In that spirit I’m putting out the call to all you folks interested in making change using the medium of change. has opened their arms and their community. Let’s show up and return the spirit. How can we advance our understanding, contribute to, and apply this medium for change?

Contribute your thoughts in the comments or on the wiki. In or near Montreal then come on out for the 18th. Just email, message him on Identica, or put yourself on the wiki.

Let’s help make the medium of change.

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