Lemonade Stand 2010

Lemonade stands are an old symbol of enterprising youth – where the best ones were the ones that made the most money. Today’s kids are still enterprising but they’re doing for a different reason – to help others out.

I’ve recently seen it first hand as I was recruited by my munchkins to create a calendar of drawings from them and their friends together in support of Kids Saving the Rainforest. It’s great to see how quickly the kids came together to make this happen. They’re learning that joy of coming together and creating something for a greater purpose. They’re learning how to get others to help out. They’re simply excited to be ‘helping’.

If you have kids I encourage you do help them do something like this too. It’s great fun to see.

And of course, they’d love it if you spread the word and supported their project. If you like the calendar, why not buy one for your wall or send one to that person you just can’t think of what to get. Or if you just want to help out, you can donate as well below.

Cheers to the lemonade of the future.

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