Two economies, for our future.

As the twin crises of climate and inequality continue to ripple through society, we have a growing imperative to address them both. If either continues unabated, neither can be resolved.

From a venture perspective, we are starting to think of the set of solutions that venture can contribute as economies of Transition and Cooperation. 

The Transition Economy recognizes the need to accelerate decarbonization and adaptation. It is not about climate or environment, but rather the solutions that allow us to build a future in harmony with both (e.g. CalWave, Leap, Wren).

The Cooperation Economy recognizes the limits and insufficiency of our current modes of organization. It is not about efficiency but rather the solutions that unlock radical improvements in participation and sharing of the value we create and hold (e.g. Otis, Murmur, Unit).

Decades of technological development and diffusion combined with accelerating cultural shifts lay the foundation for these two economies as we emerge from the pandemic today. Over time, we expect exciting opportunities to arise where these two economies overlap, making the transition more participatory, and directing more participation toward transition.

While no single set of solutions is enough, the quality and success of the collection of solutions that arise in these two economies hold a key to addressing our existential crises and arriving at a future that’s better for all of us.

If you are buildinginvesting, or otherwise interested in this future, we’d love to meet you.