TechStars “Hollyhocked”

Image representing TechStars as depicted in Cr...

I’d heard of TechStars before and never thought too much about it – ‘another incubator’ is how I filed it. Well one of my highlights from StartupEmpire was hearing David Cohen of TechStars. Half-way through it struck me… why don’t we do a TechStars for Social Ventures at Hollyhock.

The TechStars model is about an intense 3-month period for 10 ventures to gather, develop and launch their concepts, and gain support from venture veterans and each other. Hollyhock is a place for ‘non-virtual social networking’ and has hosted the social change and venture communities for over a decade. It’s a magical place and I think this would be an extraordinary experiment.

I also, through Twitter, heard that Jon Gosier of Appfrica (@appfrica) is working on TechStars in Uganda. There must be others thinking about doing this for social ventures/innovation. Seems like a no-brainer and the TechStars model is ‘open’. Anyone? Anyone?

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