Hiring a RoR developer!

I’m eager to get building and am hiring a developer. Think you might know anyone – please help spread the word.

Here’s the posting:

We are a team of social and tech sector entrepreneurs.
We’re launching a startup that builds apps for a better future, sooner.
We’re looking for a full-time Ruby on Rails developer with the chops to help make it happen.

What our RoR developer will do.
– work with us to build solid, scalable apps, that people love using,
– code brilliantly producing code that’s clean, elegant, and efficient,
– figure it out and get it done.

What we expect our RoR developer will bring:
– proven skills and expertise in RoR, real-time, social, web-based app development,
– a community of peeps they ask and help in solving problems,
– a history of building and being awesome.

What we think you would love about working with us:
– we do this to have fun, live well, and make the world better,
– we’re in this for the long haul, building stuff that sticks not fluff that fails,
– we know what we’re doing, have history that proves it, and we own our own bullshit.

Sound interesting? Think this might be you? Tell us why by sending us an email. We’ll respond to those who show they’ll bring what we need and have told us tell us why they’re interested.

Preference given to those we can meet in person but know we’re used to working virtually.

Deadline: Tuesday March 23rd, high noon.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below or ping me at michael at igniter dot com.

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