RealVote – my simple promise to democracy

Another election has come and gone and while voter turnout increased, the substance of the debate hit new lows. So, while my passion is at its peak, here’s my simple commitment to revive real democracy in my community for the next election.

  1. I will create a platform for people in my district to ask questions, and invite all candidates for that district to respond.
  2. I will campaign door to door to make people aware, gather questions, and share the answers for what’s been answered.
  3. The next election in my area is October 6, 2011 (Ontario)
  4. My district is London West

This is the best way I can think to fight partisanship in favour of real dialogue and engagement. We all deserve more. It’s time I took responsibility. It’s time I did something to make it happen.

This is my promise. Join me if you wish. Democracy matters.

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