Into 2010

Last year was a pivot for me. But while I’m entering with a new stance, my direction, my intention, remains.

Taking the high road.

To that, Ryan Coleman and I crafted this:

To have fun, live well, and make the world better by facilitating ambitious ventures.

Like last year, my focus rests on social technologies and how they are shifting our culture, disrupting and enabling the systems of our society, and changing the way in which we came together. ChangeMedium is the charitable expression of that, Shouldless is the commercial expression, and ProjectX is the ongoing work – re-inspired by the Vartana review – to develop tools and approaches to building those things.

In the fall of last year we launched ChangeMedium and our first events, explored the future of the web, and began experimenting with some approaches to facilitating ambitious ventures.

Looking back at last year, it’s clear I can’t predict what will come of the year ahead, but I am pretty sure the direction it will follow.

Thankfully it will be a journey of many. Without that, it wouldn’t be much fun.

Hopefully it will make the world better. Without that, it wouldn’t be worth doing.

Certainly it will be an adventure. Without that, it wouldn’t be much of anything.

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