An experiment in describing transformative potential in venture.

I’ve started an experiment to share how I think about ‘transformative’ or ‘future defining’ ventures.

Transformative potential is the core of what we look for at Possibilian and it can be hard to describe. In our thesis we talk about it as the potential to:

…change the way we think and act, shift power and relationships, and create the foundations of a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive future. 

But what that looks like and how a venture might get there is not often obvious. Using basic diagrams and the constraint of short-form video I’m going to see if I can make it a little easier to dive in and explore.

I’d like to do one a week for now, and refine the approach to see what works best.

The first one is below. Watching at 2x is can get it down to ~2min which is where I’d love to be. ?

(While there is always more I could do, suggestions that might make them simpler and faster to produce are particularly ?.)

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