Summit on the Future


The future of organization has arrived. Like with sustainable coffee, cleantech, and the social trifecta (entrepreneurship/finance/innovation) before,  I’ve noticed the shift in conversation from “no that will never happen/it must be stopped at all costs” to, “it’s happening or inevitable/how can I play”. It’s the shift from an avoidable future to an inevitable reality.

Historically for me, this is a time to shift fully from thinking to doing. And yet, I know it is the time when the opportunity for understanding really begins. So, as I sit here in the wee hours of the morning wondering why I am writing this post, I realize that I’m hoping for someone to hold the space for this thinking to shift to the next level to. While I’m not sure exactly what that is, Jean Russell seems to capture the direction in her post on integration.

Whether it’s a conversation, a summit, a series or something other… here’s a few people I’d love to see carrying it on, together.

While I know it’s not me to hold this space, I hope someone sees the opportunity in making it happen. We’re at the front of generation of opportunity with an opportunity that will shape our civilization into the future.

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