Epic.io in Context

Epic.io is the latest in a series of research and experiments at inspiring a better future sooner. It is designed as a product at the intersection between the evolutionary change in how we, as humans, come together and the pains of collaboration overload we experience from that change.

The root discoveries of this journey over the last 4 years boil down to the fact that purpose is what motivates us to step up to something greater, and progress is what fuels us to keep going. There are no two more powerful ingredients in making great things happen.

It is around these two principles that Epic.io is designed. If we are able to connect the progress people make with their purpose for making it, we can’t help but think that people will feel good and focus more on what matters. On Epic, we’re already seeing it happen with projects, strategies, and even the personal missions in life people are trying to fulfil.

Personally, it has quickly become the place I turn to focus on what matters, check-in on the latest progress and reflect where best to spend my time. It’s also becoming the best reminder of the progress I am making, as opposed to the tasks I have yet to accomplish. And that feels pretty good.

We’ve got a long way to go, but it feels like we’re on the right path. A path that leads to making purpose a platform. A platform where people connect by making progress on what matters. And that, to me, is the best thing I can think of to inspire progress towards a better future, sooner.

If it matters, make it epic.

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