Thanks for the conversation!

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with someone that a friend/colleague/client thought might be a worthwhile introduction. And he was right. The conversation was enjoyable and very helpful. Similar to the conversation a couple of weeks ago that had me step back from the full-blown financial model and pitch deck to trying to apply the venturing process I am suggesting to the creation of what I’m building… this one prompted another launch path that fit with both my entrepreneurial drive to ‘push’ something forward, and also with the process I’m suggesting.

What’s interesting is that it wasn’t that it was a new approach that I hadn’t considered but rather the conversation prompted me to revisit the idea and see it differently. And it didn’t come from the direct suggestion or intent of the person I was talking with. So what in that conversation helped it emerge?

  1. Personally we hit it off with common interests, experiences and perspectives.
  2. The conversation was a sharing of ideas and experiences vs. an attempt to inform/critique/advise.
  3. We both were more interested in helping and learning than selling and telling.

I guess the other question to ask is what prompted the conversation to happen?

  1. My friend/colleague/client knew me, who I am, and what I’m working on.
  2. Something in his conversation the person he connected me to gave him the impression that there would be a) a personal connection b) the potential for either one of us to be helpful to the other.
  3. He took the initiative to make the introduction.

So what? I guess it comes down to:

  1. Nurture meaningful relationships
  2. Share what I’m working on and what I need to make it happen
  3. Make and follow-up on connections for and by those I have meaningful relationships with
  4. Be helpful
  5. Interact by sharing and learning

Oh and now that I can harness that entrepreneurial drive again… back to work on the other launch path!

Thanks for the conversation!

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