It’s just money.

Well, I’m back.

It’s been an interesting start to the year and I’m starting to test some of the examples of this ‘model’ I’ve been developing and have actually, unbeknown to me, wound up in a project that actually represents the model I’m developing (funny how that happens). I guess that’s partly because, as with most things, the model isn’t really new. It’s essentially just an intentional version of the common entrepreneurial approach. What seems to strike people most however is not the approach but the idea that the seed financing happens before there’s even an idea… where there is only an intention for some sort of result or impact.

It’s amazing to watch the resistance come around that one aspect in particular. So much seems to be bundled around money and the power the holder of it can have over those that want it. Mess with money and you mess with control… or so it’s perceived. Really they are separate issues.

In my experience actually, only once money and control are dealt with separately does the ability to set the most helpful controls in place emerge. In a way it serves as a useful test in getting to know a partner. If the conversation gets into the ways of setting up the controls, I know we’re on the same page. If it’s stuck on returns and percentages we’re in opposite ends of the bookstore.

Am curious to see what resistance emerges next. For now back into crafting the docs.

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