The iPad is sneaky.

It seems that every day I find myself wanting an iPad for something. Those moments are coming not from being on the computer, but from going about my daily life, and that’s what I think is what the iPad is about.

I started out thinking it would be ideal for my kids to use their favourite learning sites and with the attached keyboard as my mom’s next computer for the basic email and browsing that she really needs it for. But I’m also now finding a bunch of other uses, like browsing for movies to rent, watching those movies while travelling, reviewing our finances on Wesabe, etc. Shawna also mentioned using it for recipes while cooking and I could see using it for logging DailyMile runs as I stretch. I could even see it being the new tool for in-meeting presentations and napkin sketches.

I could go on, but point is this. As more and more of our lives involve apps and those apps reside in the cloud, we’re going to want devices that make it enjoyable to blend them into our lives. It’s not a must have, but it’s sneaking up on me, and I expect I’ll soon be wondering how I ever lived without.

The iPhone led the way for that in the mobile realm. The iPad will do it next for the computing realm.

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