Unfollow fun.

I was outed today with a healthy dose of snark:

This was not a case of “oh, sorry, Twitter must have somehow unfollowed you”, it was a case of “ya, I unfollowed you… and everyone else.” You see, I’ve long valued Twitter a brilliant discovery tool – both for information and new relationships. Reading Power of Pull recently reminded me of that which got me to…

Well, this morning while waiting for a meeting I happened across a tweet that led me to a post which mentioned ManageFlitter (oh Twitter how you do that to me). I’ve tweaked my follow list a few times there before but this time when I got there, I decided to start entirely from scratch. Not because I’m bored with who I was following, but because I want to reset the power of Twitter to pull me in new directions. With a new venture underway it felt like the perfect time to do it.

Twitter though is nothing without snark. And so my first follow of course had to be the person who outed me. I wonder who’s next.

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