Complex ambiguity

In my last post I intoduced ‘complex ambiguity’ as the stuff in venturing that entrepreneurs are really trying to figure out — where no-one ‘knows’ the answer. The deeper the change and the earlier the stage the greater the complexity and the ambiguity. My earlier tumbls about pentagram and that one designer have tweaked me that it’s akin to the creative process. Like designing a logo. Except that venturing can be a pereptual series of logos for something that itself is somewhat ambiguous and continuinally evolving. That’s complex ambiguity.

The penatagram video made me think about what it takes to build a successful early-stage venture shop, in particular one that looks at tackling big change or new frontiers. Having started a creative shop with some great talent, penntagram definitely seems to have operationalized something important.

One thing I’m sure of is that it’s going to play in my thinking on early-stage transformative venturing.

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