The social venture financing landscape.

I’m hearing people talking about mission/purpose/values in the venture investing world more frequently. It shouldn’t really be a surprise given the tectonic shifts in the systems of our society. From some perspectives it’s “the right thing to do”. From others it’s a straight-forward commercial opportunity with good market fundamentals. What is often surprising to folks however is how much is already underway and who is involved.

MaRS released a white-paper that’s a great primer for those that are interested. It’s the beginning of what’s sure to be a great series and if you are interested in digging more into this area there’s plenty to start with over at

In the context of the change in the systems of our society, the strain on our ecosystem, and the desire to do things differently this space is only going to grow. And if events like the Skoll World Forum, Social Capital Markets Conference, and Social Finance Forum are any indication it’s no longer a niche interest but rather a market in the making.

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