The Social Venture Commons – in development

Things have been moving quickly in the last few weeks and I’m happy to say that we’re in development on the Social Venture Commons. I’ve created a more descriptive presentation below and have also included a brief primer on peer production of organizations (a quick snapshot of the #hohoto holiday party in Toronto).

I’m working on initial partnerships for the commons and am getting ready to reach out for seed investment for one of the for-profit properties (

In the spirit of peer-producing this as we go below are some specific items we’d love to have taken up. Just post in the comments below or ping me directly.

  • Identity design
  • Interface design
  • Research on venture media and group collaboration property acquisitions
Peer Production Primer

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: keynote)

14 thoughts on “The Social Venture Commons – in development”

    1. Thanks for your interest… you can ping me directly and we can chat more if
      you want. We’re working to get this up in january so we can actually use our
      own platform to get actionable items posted for people to collaborate on.

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