The convo I’d like to have: w + ppo + d >> our future

Those who know me know that this is a persistent theme with me – and now provoked by @josephdee – maybe it’s time to take this into a more focused conversation with a few more folks.


  1. The way of the world is borked.
  2. The web (among other things) is shifting the way we organize resources, ourselves and create new things (W)
  3. From that (in part) is emerging a new mode of organizing where the organization itself (not just the product) is peer produced (PP0).
  4. Design is the essential process of intentionally creating things (D)
  5. ‘Un-borking’ our world means creating our future through W+PPO+D.

The conversation I’d like to have:

  • is this premise (or something close to it) something that we really buy into?
  • if so, what does it mean to put it in practice ourselves?
  • how do we weave it into the practices of others?
  • what are we (each individually and collectively) doing about it?

So I ask, what do you think about the premise, the conversation, and do you want to participate in this conversation (or maybe you are already having it)?

A couple of us have floated the idea of having a conversation at MaRS the morning of Dec. 11th. If you are interested – comment below or ping me directly.

*** Some other things that have come up in subsequent conversations around this – not sure yet how it will fit into the conversation but keep firing away.

  • The role of mindset is fundamental
  • ‘Spiritual’ development and the question of “what am I” has a potentially significant role
  • My past work around ‘The Great Remix’ may lend to this too
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43 thoughts on “The convo I’d like to have: w + ppo + d >> our future”

  1. That's great Mark – and I'm planning marking this post up with some
    more thoughts from our conversation last night. If anything else comes
    to you – just throw it in here.

  2. Great Matt, looking forward to meeting you. I'm also planning on
    tweaking this above as we get closer to the date so throw in any other
    thoughts/ideas/opinions in that you want.

  3. I am in of course. Be nice to make this into a working session and, at a minimum, get some ideas we can throw out to the community. It'd be nice to also know who the like-minded change-making community really is. I'm meeting new people everyday, how do we really join this all up? Who's already trying to? how can we combine our efforts?

  4. Thanks Joe, and yes, I want to have a very practical bent to this too.
    Not interested in theory or navel gazing. More like wtf is really
    going on here, what does that mean for our change-making work, and how
    do we amp that up.

    Also love 'change-making' and wonder what we will land on for the
    'like-minded' component.

  5. This sounds fascinating to me. If there's one thing the 20th century taught us, it's that centrally-organized hierarchies fall apart with complex problems.

  6. Adam I was thinking the same thing. Hoping we can do more with ideas people have than speculate in outcomes. putting ideas into practice and watching what happens is cool 🙂

  7. Definitely a conversation being had, and to be continued.

    Surely the diversity of focus is important. When should those conversations merge, how are they aware of each other, and how do they merge without stamping out possibility. The very challenges of “open” are facing the conversation about it.

    Talk can't hurt, but it can work better. It's got to have a direction or a base, and like design, there must be an intention to create, conversations should lead to outcome, no?

  8. Thanks for chiming in Patrick. Directionally this is about
    intentionally 'unborking' our world and what core things underpin the
    most effective path to doing in our own work. Not from sharing 'best
    practices' but from hitting on the core of what is changing and
    relevant implications for us in our work. I've been feeling that most
    conversations are dancing around something but none that I've had –
    except a couple since I posted this – seem to ground in a universal
    thread(s) that the best convos seem to be striving for.

    At worst I'm hoping this links some currently isolated conversations.
    At best we'll find at least one universal thread that we'll be able to
    act on in some way individually and maybe even collectively.

  9. Conversation always leads to outcome. Just not always predictable (or easily observable) outcome. A given conversation can have a direction imposed on it, but the overall direction of a broad enough set of conversations simply cannot be imposed or predicted.

    Whereas I THINK there are principles that if followed, lead broadly to healthy outcomes… but maybe that's something to wait for the conversation itself.

  10. keep the comments coming – I'm planning on tweaking the process of our
    conversation on the 11th as we get closer – and also think that the
    'art and use of focused conversation' is an important skill that
    itself is shifting in the current context.

  11. Maybe consider using brainstorming techniques in the moderation of the conversation(s) keep the initial convo abstract then focus in on a couple key ideas that can be developed further. Just a thought.

  12. its amazing how so many people are having the same conversations around the globe. this is the time. there is a great acceleration happening in change. consciousness unites us all and the web like twitter and facebook is the documenting and communicating tool that shows us how organized we are by design. the great design that is. the fabric that weaves us all together. there is a pattern in all of this and now is the time for us to do the work to reveal that pattern so that it can be seen by us all. i look very forward to meeting with the likeminded on the 11th. see you then.

    Billie Mintz

  13. I'm in for the morning of the 11th! I'm loving this conversation so far based on the session we had with The Movement and Unfinished Business last Friday at Torch. Very similar ideas here — looking forward to it. I'm having lunch with Ryan Feeley at noon so I'll see if he wants to come to this too.

  14. Hey someone should tell The Movement guys about this. I was just skyping with Alan this weekend (in regards to another project that fits this bill) but have yet to meet him in person.

    Of course this might be turning into a large number of people for trying have 'a conversation'.

  15. Cory brings up a good point, guiding the conversation might kill it. Michael(Igniter) also has a point that our conversations seem to be striving for a greater thread.

    Since this topic is ridiculously zeitgeistish right now, I'm not worried about killing the idea, it'll just pop up again. On the note of a greater thread: How can we involve ourselves in that greater conversation. How can we invite others to do the same? How can we help this conversation to turn into meaningful action?

    Surely there are many ways. Here are some mentioned in this thread:

    A set of principles (Corey)
    Putting things into action, see what happens (ryantaylor)
    Core implications affecting our work (Igniter)
    A universal thread (Igniter)
    Links to other conversations (Igniter)
    Who are the people doing this already (Joseph Dee)
    Brainstorm techniques Abstract > Key Focus (ryantaylor)
    Pattern Finding (Billie Mintz)

    If I might add my own:
    To often, conversations try to make up for introductions, could we get that out of the way beforehand?
    We need meta:
    What CAN we do(skills)
    What are we WILLING to do(commitment)
    What do we WANT to do(interests)

  16. Patrick – that's great thanks. I do think we can get some things out
    of the way beforehand and also prime potential follow-up as well. The
    uniqueness of the in person is about being able to riff of each
    other. This is also just one conversation – so we can't expect to
    answer it all, but rather hopefully acknowledge the call for a deeper
    common thread that we all seem to be calling for and find ways to
    bring that into each of our own work and keep the linkages between us
    alive. I'll throw up a planning wiki tonight so we can tighten all
    this up and create a space for the pre-work.

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