The Social Venture Commons: Primer Presentation

Building on my previous posts about the Social Venture Commons here’s a draft overview of what’s been brewing. This venture is one part of my trio to support the ventures working from the new mode of organizing I see emerging. The two other pieces are the micro-funds (presentation coming soon) which is a modified version of early-stage venture/angel investing and a social capital learning project (in development for a trio of venture networks) based in part on the thinking here.

Ping me directly if you are interested in learning more – and if you have comments on the presentation below please add them to this post.

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6 thoughts on “The Social Venture Commons: Primer Presentation”

  1. Micro funds are golden for companies on early raise rounds. Often they can have a large leverage impact, simply by building momentum, or adding a “name” of an investor who may add credibility.

    Everyone knows how good it feels to make a sale or have an investor say yes, especially early in the cycle.

    Meanwhile, such early seed investments can end up with quite significant returns.

    Michael, I think you are doing important work.


  2. Thanks Joel – and I have another iteration of the Micro-Funds
    presentation to do as well.. what I'm particularly interested in is
    that financial capital is distributed as opposed to aggregated.
    Distributed to people who are 'on the frontiers' and can seed the
    opportunities that they intuitively know have the greatest change to
    make a huge impact. And doing that in the context of the Social
    Venture Commons expose the needs of those ventures to a community that
    is increasingly interested in making meaningful contributions to the
    growth of new change-makers.

  3. 🙂 i have some of it but can never say i have all of it – also
    thinking about how to actually peer produce this as we go. Working on
    initial online instance right now – which is really to say we're
    figuring it out as we go. E or d me (@igniter) if you want to get
    further engaged at all.

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