Twittering consciousness

I’ve been on Twitter for a few months – as well as facebook – and Twitter is the one that is holding my interest in terms of what I perceive as an interesting connection to the movement of consciousness.

People use it in different ways but what I find consistent is that I find myself feeling a deeper connection to the people I’m following. And this goes for my brother in Phoenix, a VC I’ve never met but that has similar interests, and a librarian that I simply found through Twitter because they live near me.

It has something to do with the small snipets of thought/consciousness being expressed generally several times a day. What’s interesting is how these snippets begin to weave into an expression of who that person is and I think it has a more authentic quality then more ‘intentional’ channels like blog posts simply because you are limited to 140 characters per post which seems to encourage more direct transmission of top-of mind thoughts and experiences that move the author at that moment.

There’s also the element that it’s always with me as sms updates on my phone – which also means I can share my thoughts when they happen.

I think there are some implications for the increasing fluidity of consciousness in the upcoming younger – connected generations. And fluidity in consciousness is what our society is calling for more than ever. If you haven’t tried it yourself, give the flow a try and sign-up, find a couple of friends how are actively using it, find someone that’s active from a field of interest, and find someone that you don’t know at all. Get it on your mobile if you can and start using it — don’t worry about what you are saying, just say something and see where it goes — and of course let me know and I’ll follow your ‘tweets’ and see where that takes this conversation.

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