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Social Capital Markets ModelMy first impression of SoCap08 have as much to do with the excellence of the physical event as they do with the virtualization of it.

First the physical event. There are over 600 participants from the usual people but also from more mainstream financial players that are seriously starting to get their toes wet. I first heard about this a year ago when Kevin Jones of GoodCapital was just starting to pull it together and I must say they did an extraordinary job of convening the community in a big way.

Now for the virtualization. In addition to some on-site use of social networking tools which I’ve yet to try there is a twitter account and tag and live blogging stream.  I’ve put the feed streams of each below. They are great resources for getting a feel for what is happening during the session. It also is a great jumping point to explore who else is in this community and what they are doing and thinking. What maybe I find most interesting is that even though I’m at the event, I’m getting as much out of the twitter stream as I am from the sessions I’m actually attending. A much richer experience that’s helping me get a bigger picture than I would be able to otherwise.

Take a look and let me know what you think – if you aren’t here in person are these two stream helpful? Informative? Fun? Why/How?

Twitter Feed #SoCap08

Live Blog Feed

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