The tension of the two stories.

It’s becoming more and more clear to me that our society is going through a major and accelerating transformation from the currently established ‘linear’ mindset toward a ‘systems’ mindset. There are countless ways to describe it but it is increasingly evident and felt particularly among those who are working on solutions to address the growing social and ecologcial threats our society is facing.

The tension of those two models colliding is palpable. The art of bringing them together is beautiful. The potential for it is limited and spontaneous. It’s not always possible and it’s sometimes unexpectedly possible.

I feel the tension incredibly strongly right now – at this moment and in our society… in the media… in the projects I’m drawn to. While my comfort wishes it away, it is what informs me and guides me deeper. If it’s not there there’s no progress and yet its presence isn’t an indicator of progress.

With quickening heart I go back in again. A part for my own awakening and as part of the broader awakening.

Hmmm… onward…

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