Great frameworks – reframing my focus.

The two most helpful frameworks that I’m working with right now are a brilliant piece on places to intervene in a system by Donella Meadows and theory u by Otto Scharmer. The Meadows piece has helped me articulate where I’m most drawn to invest myself (mindset shifts – even more the process of doing so) and Scharmer’s work is a comprehensive model of the stages involved in creating a mindset shift.

Back to the things I’ve been focusing on, the work on the collective potential of individual change is about finding a way to encourage individual shifts on a massive scale while the work on the entrepreneurial approach (which is about to undergo a major re-write – and an initial ‘survey’) is about creating entities and initiatives that can themselves take on system interventions at some level. Something else I’m sensing is a connection between the entrepreneurial approach and the process to shift a mindset. I’m interested to see where that goes.

If you are interested in participating in the initial ‘survey’ on entrepreneurial approach, just let me know. It is being designed to take the participants through a reflection of their own experiences and so should itself provide a valuable experience.

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