“Birth” and BOLD in Canada!

Birth is the most human and universal experience. We, as humans, are at our most powerful and our most vulnerable. It is the most natural process and a major life moment for both baby and mother.

Somehow though, in our society we have institutionalized birth and made it something impersonal. We are fortunate to have all the technology and knowledge we have that can helps us deal with things that go awry – but why is it that we start out treating pregnancy and birth as something that has ‘gone awry’.

This perspective is what has systemically limited and discouraged choices available to mothers in birth.

Enter BOLD. BOLD is a global movement to create childbirth choices that work for mothers. And this year, my life partner is bringing BOLD founder Karen Brody’s play “Birth” to Canada. “Birth” brings together artists, community groups and childbirth leaders to bring the issue of childbirth choices for mothers centre stage.

“Birth” is a critically-acclaimed documentary-style play that tells the birth stories of eight women, painting an alarming picture of how low-risk, educated mothers are giving birth today. Hailed “The Vagina Monologues for birth” by women’s health expert Dr. Christiane Northrup, over 100 performances of the play Birth are happening in cities across the world  during September, the month of Labor Day, to raise awareness and money for childbirth choices that work for mothers.

“Birth” will take the stage September 25th at Wolf Performance Hall, Central LIbrary, London, Ontario.  Tickets and additional information are here. Proceeds from performances of Birth in London will go to to Heartspace, a program supporting pregnant and parenting women who are substance involved, Addictions Services of Thames Valley.

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