Micro-funds: Peer-producing Venture Capital (UPDATE 1)

Here’s my first crack at the Micro-Funds concept.  It’s related to the Social Venture Commons and Social Capital work I’ve been developing. They are all based on the new mode of organizing I see emerging.

*** I’ve also added an illustration of 3 alternative models that have emerged in recent conversations. They are all interesting in their own right and it may be more about using them in according to specific situations. All comments/suggestions/alternatives welcome. ***

Micro-fund Model Alternatives

Ping me directly if you are interested in learning more – and if you have comments on the presentation below please add them to this post.

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3 thoughts on “Micro-funds: Peer-producing Venture Capital (UPDATE 1)”

  1. Michael,
    This is great, I would be interested in what you mean by piloting a microfund, as this is what I am trying to put together with Entrepreneur Commons.
    Also, if you like this type of concept, please vote for the idea I submitted on Change.org:

    And then please forward to as many people as possible as we need a lot more votes to make it to the top 10 (what will be presented to the Obama administration on the day of the inauguration). Yes we can!

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